Where the Dirty South Begins

Cole Reavis and Jersey John killed Saturday Warehouse and Static Skatepark and I have the footage to prove it! #parktage

Some park clips from the last few months. VA.NC.GA

All the homies and a few new cats killing the game.

RAW b-roll from my time with the T3i. Winter 2012-Summer 2013.

(I hope the person that stole my camera gets AIDS)


My camera was stolen last weekend at a music festival so I wont be making videos for a while.
If you know where to find a Canon rebel t3i/t4i for the cheaps hit me up at varolinafilms@gmail.com

Footage from the last few months. My hard drive can’t hold all my footage so I had to dump some on the internet.

I really needed to free up some space on my hard drive so I put this together.

Trapped at the park like animals in a cage.